A story of 3 brothers

Last 2 sessions

Start of our adventure and cave with dungeon

First day: Morthos Ferrando and Pelaios, the brothers, leave Thaliost in northern direction following an old road. They encounter 3 men of the SIlver Flame, with severe bias opinion and are killed, except for 1 who ran to the city.

Second day: A hostile encounter with a band of bandits in bad shape. More than half of the bandits were defeated and the rest fled into the Silver Forest.

Third day: A rainy night.

Fifth day: The brothers find an abandoned inn and stay for the night. During the night a troll appears in the inn, but is defeated.

Eight day: Due to an approaching storm, the brothers find shelter in a small cave. They find out that the back of the cave is connected to a dungeon and they explore it. Finding undead remains of humanoids and a large snake, they also find a magical circle that summons a strange ever-changing hostile globs. They have found 2 old books, a dairy, 3 stones that glow green softly, a magical chalice 8 unknown potions, 40 golden coins shaped as crescent moons, 4 golden bracelets and 1 necklace made of coral. A unique thing about the dungeon was a part of it was made with smoothed sides, 3 stone caskets of which 1 was empty and a magical gateway that was deactivated.



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