A story of 3 brothers

Out of game and sessions 4 and 5

Day 13 and Day 14: During these days Morthos, in disguise,  gathered information about that his brothers are at Greyskull Keep from a loner named <name>. Morhtos also accepted the plead from the whore <name> to find her husband <name>. He also finds out that their is a 500 gp reward to remove the bandits harrassing Askelios and a food shortage is crating a tense situation in Askelios.

Day 15: The red haired Gylipa is put in the same room as Fernando and Pelaios. Morthos infiltrates the cave and rescue them from their prison and finding their gear. Morhtos makes Gylipa invisible so she can escape to Askelios. With the information gained by his scouting familiar Morthos sets up a plan to lure the bandids in small groups to the cave, to be ambushed by the brothers. Works the first time, but the seconde time the trick has been seen through and they have to fight them all. After the victory Fernando put the heads of the bandits on javelins outside the Greyskull Keep to much chagrin of Pelaios. During this Ferenando discoves that the leader of bandits, Ivellios, faked his dead and escaped. Morthos was collecting anything of value for the rest of the day. During the night the decapitated bodies of the undead come alive and start attacking and the heads start screaming. After the bodies are defeated, the brothers find the heads in a melted condition. Morthos decides to hide the loot and find by accident the dairy of Ivellios, written in elven.

Day 16: Pelaios translates the dairy of Ivellios and comes with the following: Greyskull keep has a secret under it and Ivellios was hired to make sure nobody would disturbed Uruth Windriver, the person who is uncovering the secret. The leader of Akselios is working with Ivellios and Ivellios started to kidnap people to fullfill the request of Uruth Windriver for sacrifices, everyone who wasn't used as a sacrifice would be sold of to Anora, a member of Karrnath nobility. After reading the diary the brothers go and try to find the secret beneath Greyskull keep. They find a hidden staircase in the caves and while exploring their they defeated a large undead, a seethrough large cube, a large burrowing insect and harrasedment of Ivellios.



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