A story of 3 brothers

Session 3

When things go downhill

Day 10: At night a source of light crashes,at some distant away from the brothers, in the wilderness. While trying to get to the crash site, the brothers are attacked by strange black wolves that seem to appear from thin air. Morthos nearly died due to the ambush of those black wolves. After the battle they continued  to the crash site and found a magical card with a comet on it. As soon Morthos picked up the card, the card disappears and Morthos falls asleep and the other brothers had to carry him back to the campsite.

Day 11: Along the Road the brothers find a large pile of rotting animal carcasses with no clear purpose. Fernando determines that the carcasses have been attack and partly eaten by wild beasts.

Day 12: The brothers walk into an ambush laid down by bandits, when they refuse to give all their money. Fernando and Pelaios are captured by them, but Morthos managed to escaped thanks to his newly gained powers of the comet card. Fernando and Pelaios are brought by car to a secret cave entrance, in a cliff beneath a ruined keep. Morthos manages to get to the village Askelios and spend the rest of the night in the raucous Wandering Dwarf Inn. He learns from the guests that the bandits have been attacking and capturing people going in and out Askelios, there is a food shortage, because the farmers are being harassed by strange beast and captured by bandits, Enfund, the leader of Askelios, does a very bad job about the current situation and  a local noble offers a handsome amount of gold for the removal of the bandits.



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